about the AMTGARD V9 team


Last Updated:  August 26, 2021


Director / Team Lead – Wunjo (Tyler Salvador) 
Wunjo (Tyler Salvador) is a Flame Knight and Master Smith from the Kingdom of the Nine Blades. He is the creator of the Phoenix League, as well as a prominent voice of support for the class, reeving, and teamwork aspects of the game. Wunjo is also an experienced Game Designer and Event Planner, both in-and-out of Amtgard. He joined Amtgard in 2002. 

Rules Rep Organizer (RRO) – Manama (Craig Plazony)
Manama (Craig Plazony) is a Serpent Knight of the Rising Winds and is heavily involved with the competitive, full-class aspects of Amtgard like Phoenix League. He was the creator of one of the original independent V9 teams and is now the current RRO for Amtgard V8 as well as an active member of the Rules Revision Community prior to his elevation. Manama joined Amtgard in 1999.

Core Team Member – Gorovan (Jason Katzner)
Gorovan (Jason Katzner) is the Rules Representative from the Kingdom of Goldenvale. He has served in various capacities at the kingdom and interkingdom level despite his relatively short time in Amtgard. He is a member of the Rules Clarification Team and brings a purely V8 perspective to the team. Gorovan joined Amtgard in 2015. 

Core Team Member – Kord (Kent Patten)
Kord (Kent Patten) is a crown and flame knight from the Iron Mountains. Kord has been an avid participant in interkingdom Amtgard for many years. He was a member of the V8 committee, and was a founding member and former President of the Amtgard International Board of Directors. Kord joined Amtgard in 1995. 

Core Team Member – Heron (Chris Lane)

Heron (Chris Lane) is the Rules Representative from the Kingdom of Northern Lights. She is a paragon warrior, an avid fighter, and a highly active member of the Amtgard community both on and offline. She has served as Kingdom Champion, and brings significant experience in battlegame and tournament design. Heron joined Amtgard in 2016


Before 2019: Unofficial Teams

Prior to 2018, the idea of Amtgard V9 development was being explored by two separate, unofficial teams. One led by former Amtgard V8 developper, Kord, and another by Rising Winds Rules Rep and eventual RRO, Manama.

2019-2020: The Merger

At Gathering of the Clans 2019, with approval from the Circle of Monarchs, the two teams merged together and were christened as an official committee under Amtgard International. Over the next year, the team would refine it's membership and slowly put together an operational structure and long-term development plan.

During this time, the team was led jointly by Kord and Manama, and the members remaining after the merge were Wunjo, Gorovan, Wat, and Rel.

Shortly after, Rel left the committee to pursue work overseas, and the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into lockdown, including all Amtgard Kingdoms.

2020-Present: Full Steam Ahead

At Gathering of the Clans 2020, with unanimous approval from the Circle of Monarchs and his committee peers, Wunjo was promoted to Committee Lead and Director of V9 Development. Under Wunjo's leadership, the V9 team began their four-year development plan.

Also during this time, Heron was recruited to the core team and Wat stepped down but continues to contribute as an extended team member.



Last Updated:  May 30, 2021

Every Rules Representative (RR) of Amtgard has been invited to join the V9 development process in an advisory role beneath the core team. While the Rules Rep Organizer (RRO) sits on the core V9 team itself, the individual RRs will be engaged directly through their own focus group channel where they can provide the opinions and insight of their own Kingdom for consideration.

Below is a list of all Rules Representatives who have accepted the invitation to join the V9 development process.


If your Rules Representative has changed, please notify your Kingdom Monarch and/or current Rules Representative so that we can make sure the proper individuals are added. The V9 Team can be reached through v9@amtgard.com or the Amtgard V9 Facebook Page.

Rules Rep Organizer (RRO) – Manama (Craig Plazony) 

Blackspire – Galinmorn Maldranthe
Burning Lands – Ragnarok Gunnolf
Celestial Kingdom – Thaddigren (Trevor Hendricks)
Crystal Groves – Benoit (Christopher Blessing)
Desert Winds – Siege (CJ Stevens)
Dragonspine – Xantcha (Alice McWhirter)
Emerald Hills – Mabtik (Andrew Maher)
Golden Plains – Tako (Korey Diltz)
Goldenvale – Gorovan (Jason Katzner)
Iron Mountains – Theric (Alex Weber)
Neverwinter – Atta (Sean Edler)
Nine Blades – Clifton (Avery Cassidy)
Northern Lights – Heron (Chris Lane)
Northreach – Grok (Tim Grediagin)
Polaris – Vitalen (Mike Faulkner)
Rising Winds – Varl (Austin Bailey)
Rivermoor – Brognar (Caleb Wade)
Tal Dagore – Masao Loublin
Viridian Outlands – Sej (Jordan A Dorland)
Westmarch – Halavere (Kyle Bates)
Wetlands – Val (Connor Owen)
Winter’s Edge – Frank Avilla (William Dean)


The following individuals are frequently contacted to assist with various external necessities such a website and social media support. Individuals listed here are not directly involved with the design process but their contributions are integral to the overall project and we would like to acknowledge them here. Additional individuals will be added over time as required.

AI Executive Director - Fiona (Jennifer M. Palmer)

AI Technical Coordinator – Pahyum Asgari

AI Award Standards Committee - Lightning (Annette Hein et. al.)

AI ORK Developers - Meggido (Noah Smith), Fog (Grand Duke Fog), and Kismet (Ken Walker)


Focus groups are used as sounding boards, testing grounds, and think tanks for the development process in addition to the surveys and input from Rules Representatives. Applications to join were accepted in Phase 1 (2020-2021) and all members have since been invited. When selecting individuals for participation, our primary factors will be diversity, knowledge, and experience. Involvement in the V9 project is privilege granted at the discretion of the core V9 team and disruptive members will be removed as necessary.

The goal of the Field Research Program is to conduct on-field research experiments and early playtests to support the on-going development of the next edition of Amtgard. In order to apply, the population of a park as a whole must be willing to participate in this program. Each park in accepted into the program will have 1-3 Research Ambassadors.

Research Ambassadors are the primary point-of-contact between the Amtgard V9 Team and their park. They are responsible for ensuring the experiments are executed properly, as well as providing comprehensive feedback for each one.


The Field Research Program is an on-going initiative. If your park is currently restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still apply and participate once your situation has improved. All tests will remain available to you. If you have questions regarding the pandemic and COVID-19, please contact us directly.