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Amtgard International, Inc.

The current board as of July 2020.

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President - Douglas Chambers

Douglas “Chewie Lightguard” Chambers has been a part of the Amtgard Community in and around Houston, TX since 1996, and joined Amtgard International’s Board of Directors in July of 2020.  He believes that building Amtgard’s brand to be a positive and welcoming place is key to Amtgard International’s future success.  Douglas strives to make, and keep, Amtgard productive and fun for all that wish to participate.

Treasurer - Jennifer Stewart

Been with Amtgard since 2016 as a resident of Thorn Mountain.

Not only has Jennifer held many internal club officer positions in Amtgard, she also has spent over a decade running an animal shelter and animal services department.  She even currently serves on her local Animal Advisory Board as an Exofficio member


Secretary - Lisa Belkie

Kristen Hammock - Board Member
Once keeper of the game’s history and often an administrator of several of it’s online services, Kristin, known as “Linden” in the game, currently serves on Board of Directors as a Member. As a Larper in many games Linden brings institutional knowledge, historical reasoning, and some cautionary tales to smooth the way as Amtgard transitions into its new future. Linden is a constant advocate for the arts, services, and community of the game. Always open to help with a project or a problem, Linden can be reached at [email protected]


Member - Vacant

Executive Committee Chair - Jason Bonette


Executive Committee Secretary - James Neal

Executive Committee Seat - Vacant


General Counsel - J.P. Prentiss

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